YNWA Mr Liverpool

Ronnie Moran has sadly passed away, aged 83.

Ronnie was affectionately named ‘Mr Liverpool’ after his dedication to the club he represented as a player and manager. He was the last surviving member of Bill Shankly’s Boot Room and a true gentleman.

Social media has been awash with tributes from the Liverpool club and community. Here are just a few…

The reason being captain of Liverpool Football Club is such a huge honour is because legendary figures like Ronnie Moran held it before I did. I wasn't lucky enough to work with Ronnie but I had the great fortune of being in his company on the occasions when he came to Melwood to walk around the training pitch and although we all regarded him as a true great, he was as humble and down to earth as anyone you could ever come across. I know I speak for all of the current players when I say that we are all deeply saddened by Ronnie's passing and the greatest tribute we can pay to him is to give everything we've got for Liverpool Football Club just as he did each and every single day during the 49 years he spent here. YNWA

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