Celtic refuse to give guard of honour to Rangers

Celtic will not give Scottish champions Rangers a guard of honour before Sunday’s Old Firm game, says John Kennedy.

“We’ve spoken collectively about it and won’t do it,” said the Celtic interim manager.

“It’s not about lacking class – it’s nothing like that because we’re a club who always show class and dignity and do what’s right.”

Rangers refused to give a guard of honour to Celtic in May 2019 and this appears to be the reason for Kennedy’s stance.

“I don’t think such a fuss was made about it and I don’t see it as a big issue,” he added.

“Ultimately this same group of players went in as champions and didn’t get the respect at that time if you want to call it that.

“They’re the same players who’ve been asked to stand there, so we’ve decided as a group we’ll just focus on the game and put that to bed.”