Chelsea will fight for Conte

Thibaut Courtois insists the Chelsea boss has the players’ backing.

With the Blues nine points behind Premier League leaders Manchester City, whispers of the manager’s departure have been getting louder, but the 25-year-old Belgian keeper claims he hasn’t lost the dressing room.

“When a top team has a few bad results the first thing people try to say is that the players are not happy and we’re not behind the coach,” he told the club’s official website.

“But against Watford, you saw we fought for every moment and we fought when we were down, so everybody can see we’re behind the coach.

“Those rumours are easy to spread but I don’t think they are true. If somebody is unhappy, instead of going to the press I think they would say it internally, so it’s not true.

“First of all, it’s the players that have to do it on the pitch so it was important to win, to fight. At the moment it’s more running, fighting and battling for every ball than maybe the best football.”