Guardiola unlikely to be punished for pro-Catalan symbol

Pep Guardiola is unlikely to be punished by Uefa, despite wearing a yellow ribbon in support of Catalan independence during his pre-match news conference on Monday and during Tuesday night’s Champions League game with Feyenoord, which City won 1-0.

“If one day in prison was already too much, look how many days they’ve been there now,” he said of the ribbon. “Like everybody knows, hopefully sooner or later I can stop wearing it.

“All the politicians that are in prison, I hope they can leave and go back home soon with their families and continue living the lives they deserve.”

Uefa can punish the use of “gestures, words or objects” that it believes “transmit a provocative message” of a “political, ideological or religious” nature, but so far European football’s governing body has avoided any action regarding the issues in Catalonia.